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Awesome Silver Grey Princess Length Necklace.

This natural silver grey pearl colour drop in shape princess length necklace is simply stunning, the shimmering rose toned lustre associated with crème a la créme of pearls! The pearls are rated AA+/AAA, have a mild prick blemishing visible only upon close inspection. The 43 cm princess length drop/ Simi baroque south sea pearl necklace features 29 pearls that smoothly graduated from 11.3-12.5-14.3mm This stunning pearls are well matched throughout the length each pearls are individually double knotted with finest white silk and finished with pins that allows to change the clasp of your choice.

Serious pearl lovers should not miss this..

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Perlentyp Silver Grey Drop South Sea Pearl
Perlenqualität AA+
Grösse 11.3-12.5-14.3mm
Perlenform Drop
Perlenlänge 43 cm/ graduated princess length
Muscheltyp Pinctada Margaritifera/Black lipped oyster
Herkunftsregion French Polynesia
Perlenfärbung Silver Gray


  • Standardverschluss
  • Granat/ Adelaide ruby/Alternation Clasp CHF 1'100.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) CHF 500.00
  • 750 (18K) Gelb Gold Wechselschliesse, 130 Chom Diopside fac. round. CHF 1'000.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) matt mit Brill. 0,14 ct. CHF 895.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) matt mit 0,49 ct. Brill. CHF 1'548.00
  • Clasp Variation with 78 pcs. real Amethyst stone. CHF 1'050.00

CHF 2'399.00

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