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Simply Stunning White South Sea Pearl Necklace

Simply Stunning White South Sea Pearl Necklace with slight rose overtone features smooth semi-round to semi drop shape with incredible luster. The pearls are rated AA+ and have a very mild pin prick blemishing visible only upon close up inspection.

The 46 cm princess length necklace features 35 pearls that smoothly graduated from 10.8 12.1-13.4-15.1 and well-matched throughout the length. Pearls are individually double knotted with the finest white silk and ends with 750 (18k) yellow gold pins, that allows to match a Clasp of your choice. 

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Perlentyp South Sea Pearl
Perlenqualität AA+
Grösse 10.3-12.5-13.6- 15.2 mm
Perlenform Semi- round
Perlenlänge 46 cm/ Princess Length
Muscheltyp Pinctada maxima silver-lipped variety
Herkunftsregion Australia/Philippines
Perlenfärbung White


  • Standardverschluss
  • Granat/ Adelaide ruby/Alternation Clasp CHF 1'051.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) CHF 451.00
  • 750 (18K) Gelb Gold Wechselschliesse, 130 Chom Diopside fac. round. CHF 951.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) matt mit Brill. 0,14 ct. CHF 846.00
  • Wechselschliesse Gelb Gold 750 (18K) matt mit 0,49 ct. Brill. CHF 1'499.00
  • Clasp Variation with 78 pcs. real Amethyst stone. CHF 1'001.00

CHF 2'699.00

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